Diving Experience

International Operations with Responsibility

Selected References of Subsea Operations Offshore

Inspection Work

Offshore Wind Park (OWP) alpha ventus

Inspection work according to the requirements of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, implementation of the first inspection concept which consisted of diverse methods and procedures for non-destructive testing (NDT), execution of inspections, maintenance and repair work with our own equipment.

RAVE (Research at alpha ventus)

Support of Germanischer Lloyd in research work subsea according to the requirements of RAVE, installations and assembly work at tripods and jacket constructions as well as research related inspections at foundations, inspections of stored and replaced sensors and tooling.

OWP riffgat

Inspection and measuring work at anodes of the park internal cabling.

Construction Work

OWP BARD Offshore 1

Subsea work at J-tubes.

OWP Burbo Bank

Operations for cable trenching and installation, construction work at the J-tube.

OWP Borkum West II

Subsea work at foundations of the wind turbines for subsequent successful grouting operations, design of a special clamp and execution of a substantial trial run onshore.

Installation Work

OWP Baltic 2

Support of installation vessels in the installation of jackets and pile work at the transformer platform.

OWP riffgat

Installation of concrete mattresses as cable protection.

PetroSA (The Petroleum, Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa)

Subsea welding in order to repair one of the pipelines of the world’s largest GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) installation at Mossel Bay, with Kurt Rohde as freelance diver and supervisor.

Salvage Work

Salvage of a large work class ROV.